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Vertical refrigerated cases

Medium- and high-temperature refrigerated cases represent the trade equipment  of the half-internal type intended for short-term storage and demonstration of preliminary packed and preliminary cooled products. In most cases they are applied in supermarkets. All vertical cases have ventilated cooling that provides fast uniform cooling. The design, materials, illumination, a choice of colour registration allows to make display unit the effective tool of sales with excellent possibilities for product demonstration to its buyers.

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Neman 375 P VVF


Microprocessor controller Eliwell  with function «MASTER - SLAVE»

Automatic defrosting (heating elements)

3 lines of hinged shelves with price-holders with adjustable angle of slope

Automatic protective switch

Protective bumper under PVC


Top mirror frieze

Night blinds

Standart colours
  •  signal yellow 1003 RAL
  •  flame red 3000 RAL
  •  light blue 5012 RAL
  •  mint green 6029 RAL

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Technical characteristics
Cold type remote condensing unit
Cooling type dynamic
Installation possibility in a line yes
Temperature mode high-temperature (+1...+10)
Defrosting heating elements for defrosting
Power consumption, kW/d 10,90
Cold productivity, W 4480
Display area, m2 8,00
Useful volume, m3 1,70
Length, mm 3750
Width, mm 1080
Height,mm 2010
Length in packing, mm 3870
Width in packing, mm 1200
Height in packing, mm 2200
Weight, kg 638
  • Side
  • Multiplexing kit
  • Full-depth mirror divider
  • Front riser
  • Shelf divider
  • Side ( mirror )