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The group of companies "Golfstream" is the largest belarusian manufacturer of trade refrigerated equipment. We make and sell the production under brand "Golfstream" in Russia, CIS and Europe. In Belarus we use brand "Brimstone-Bel". Production of our company meets the highest requirements and is as much as possible approached to the european degree of quality. Our equipment is established in shops of the various format - from a minimarket to a supermarket. We use the high-precision import process equipment and perfect accessories for manufacture of refrigerated cases, vertical refrigerated cases and freezer cases with built-in and remote compressor.

Company "Golfstream" has begun the activity in 1996 with the assemblages of complete sets (kit) of polish refrigerated cases. In process of experience accumulation and predicting market development, the company management has made the decision on escalating of own capacities. The first trade refrigerated equipment, corresponding to high requirements and as much as possible approached to the european degree of quality, has been let out in 1999. And in 2002 there were the first own workings out of the trade refrigerated cases with remote compressor. In 2006 in Volokolamsk (Russian Federation) factory-manufacturer "Frizland" was built. It answeres to the most rigid standards of manufacture. High quality is reached by use of the modern industrial equipment, the careful control and testing of production at all production phases.

On workmanship our equipment ranks with the best european samples and allows to satisfy demand for the high-quality refrigerated equipment of an average price category. The wide choice of models allows to equip shops of the different formats: from small shops to large objects.

In the future our company plans the working out of novelties which will not only differ modern design but also as to correspond to the world standards under all technical and operational characteristics. It will allow the company to enter the far abroad market, and also to increase volumes of output, thereby to improve not only well-being of the enterprise, but also financial stability of all employees.